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Legal Document Software; Microsoft Word Add-in

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Document generation and formatting tools that are tailor-made for the legal profession. A purpose-built tool for legal document creation and management that is made by Attorneys – for Attorneys.

Key Features

Citation Insert & Identify

  • Quickly create and reuse prior citations in a document.

  • Identify prior entered citations.

  • Highlight all legal citations for quick review.

  • Short form citations automatically.

Table of Authorities (TOA) Creator

  • Customizable TOA generator.

  • Citations identified and properly ordered in TOA without need for manual entry.

  • Refreshed and updated TOA as your document is edited.

Table of Content (TOC) Builder

  • Simplified TOC creation tools.

  • Easily edit and update the TOC style to match you document.

Pleading Header/Coversheet

  • Quickly create and insert Pleading Headers or Coversheets.

  • Store parties, representatives, filing numbers, and other case data for later reuse.

Custom Page Numbering

  • Easily switch legal page numbering styles (i, 1, I, Attach. A, 000001).

  • Control which style applies to separate portions of the document.

Legal Shortcuts

  • Quick access tool for legal symbols and abbreviations (never search for the § symbol again).

  • Ability to have user defined custom shortcuts.



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